Reimagining the systems that stand in the way of inclusive innovation.

We partner with organisations and leaders of change, to identify and remove barriers to equality, drive inclusive innovation, and achieve social impact at scale. We are driven by a desire to reinvent the systems that stand in the way of a more equitable future of work.

We think big, lead with humility and curiosity, and pursue impact that will outlive us all.

We invest in listening as a precursor to solving, place lived experience at the centre of design, and hold respect and integrity as the non-negotiable foundations of any and all collaborations.

Our reputation is underpinned by substance. There is no substitute.

Our expertise

Inclusive Innovation

Designing innovation ecosystems with inclusion embedded in the baseline

Collective Leadership

Curating platforms for collaboration to enable systemic change

Impact at Scale

Developing the vision, from idea to execution, and measuring the impact

Storytelling and story-listening

Communication as a tool for social change

Meet the Founder

Nicola Hazell is a social innovator, board director and ecosystem leader committed to placing gender equality at the centre of the tech and innovation agenda. 

With a 20 year career spanning technology, government, media and civil society, she has worked across sectors to design and accelerate new solutions to achieve impact at scale. 

Nicola is a systems thinker who traverses the gap between practitioner and policymaker, bringing together diverse groups of people to create collective impact that lasts.